How much you could save by switching to Mabuhay Energy?

We let the numbers talk for us.

Here is a sample savings computation:

Mabuhay Energy Corporation
Mar-20245,8403.8000 ₱934,192.00
Apr-2013,7203.8000 ₱52,136.00
May-20125,4403.8000 ₱476,672.00
Jun-20390,6003.8000 ₱1,484,280.00
Jul-20411,0403.8000 ₱1,561,952.00
Aug-20444,6403.8000 ₱1,689,632.00
Sep-20471,5203.8000 ₱1,791,776.00
Oct-20445,2003.8000 ₱1,691,760.00
Nov-20449,1203.8000 ₱1,706,656.00
Dec-20443,8003.8000 ₱1,686,440.00
Jan-21446,6003.8000 ₱1,697,080.00
Feb-21518,0003.8000 ₱1,968,400.00
TOTAL   ₱16,740,976.00


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