Jacqueline Castillo, Chief Operations Officer and Head of Sales, Marketing, and Regulatory at Mabuhay Energy (MECO), took center stage as a panel member at Solar and Storage Live PH 2024. Held at the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City, Metro Manila, the event convened industry leaders to discuss the future of solar energy.

The panel discussion, titled “How solar can benefit from a contract trading market?”, featured Jacqueline alongside esteemed figures such as Sarah Fairhurst, Guido Alfredo Delgado, Alfie Miras, and John Knorring. Jacqueline and Alfie shared their experiences with contract trading markets, emphasizing the transformative impact of platforms like Green Tiger Markets on retail supply market activities.

Jacqueline also shed light on the importance of risk management in the open access market. With MECO being one of the pioneer trading participants of the contract trading market, this venture into a new hedging platform became a great way for the retail electricity supplier (RES) to protect the interests of our contestable customers by sourcing competitively priced power supply contracts through a hedging platform. Alfie echoed the sentiment, noting the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of leveraging such platforms for energy procurement, ultimately enabling MECO and other RES players to offer more competitive electricity prices for customers.

Thanks to the contract trading market platforms that give RES trading participants significant savings on their power purchase agreements and electricity trading transactions, a lot more contestable customers will be able to enjoy competitive rates and pricing schemes resulting in significant electricity cost savings.

MECO’s active involvement also underscores our commitment to embracing innovation and seizing new opportunities in the energy sector. As we continue to explore emerging technologies, we remain dedicated to providing innovative, competitive, and reliable power solutions to our valued partners. Follow MECO on social media as we explore more innovative ways to unlock significant energy cost savings for the Filipino market.

IN THE PHOTO (from left to right): Independent Non-Executive Director Sarah Fairhurst (Equis Development Pte. Ltd.), Vice President for Business Development and Market Operation Alfie Miras (Palm Concepcion Power Corporation / Joy Nostalg Solaris Inc.), Chief Operating Officer and Head of Sales, Marketing and Regulatory Jacqueline Castillo (MECO), Chief Executive Officer John Knorring (Green Tiger Markets), Chairman and CEO Guido Alfredo Delgado (G.A.A. Delgado Incorporated)

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