Last May 23, 2024, Chief Executive Officer of Perx Technologies, Anna Gong, engaged in a lively discussion with Mabuhay Energy Corporation (MECO)’s Executives and Energy Trading Operations team to unlock the next stage in the company’s future powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). Her message was clear: while technology is a tool, it’s the people utilizing the technology that direct the impact of technology in our lives. At MECO, we’re not just embracing AI, we’re integrating it responsibly into our workflows with human ingenuity and authenticity. With that in mind, our Energy Trading Operations team is incorporating AI technology to further strengthen our energy data management systems, ultimately enhancing our data-driven decision-making.

As we strive to continuously develop innovative, competitive, and reliable power solutions for our partners, MECO also works hard to build a secure energy future for Filipinos with the use of emerging technologies. Follow us on social media as we continue to partner with industry leaders and subject matter experts to build towards a future powered by human-centric AI solutions.

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