Regulatory Associate

regulatory associate

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Ensure compliance with all the regulatory requirements
  • Provide concise interpretation of laws, rulings and regulations for energy trading personnel
  • Provide services in all phases of the legal system; including courts that have handled energy-related cases, law firms that provided legal assistance for energy companies, government agencies engaged in the energy sector
  • Able to negotiate and draft agreements; for both legal codes and regulatory laws covering energy usage
  • Share general legal knowledge of fraud and consumer protection law
  • Has worked with energy companies to draft policies and procedures to ensure compliance with allrelevant statues, and to ensure protection against such litigation
  • Assist MECO’s attorneys in drafting and filing motions, affidavits and briefs, interviewing, deposing,and preparing witnesses, keeping track of the trial calendar, and preparing exhibits and evidence
  • Keep track of changes in legal framework and providing timely updates on these changes


  • College Graduate, Public Administration, BS Political Science, legal management, or any business course
  • Maintaining personal networks
  • High Organizational skills and attention to detail.
  • Legal research and investigation skills
  • Strong written and oral communication skill