Software Engineer

software engineer

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Write an effective, scalable code
  • Develop system components to improve responsiveness and overall performance of the team
  • Integrate user-facing elements into applications
  • Test and debug programs
  • Improve functionality of existing systems
  • Implement security and data protection solutions
  • Assess and prioritize feature requests
  • Coordinate with internal teams to understand user requirements and provide technical solutions


  • Graduate of BS in Computer Science, Engineering, Information Technology or relevant field.
  • At least 1-3 years experience in the IT Department
  • Work experience as a Programmer
  • Familiarity with the Software Development Life Cycle
  • Intermediate knowledge in Python language
  • Proficiency in query languages (SQL, SQL-like), Programming languages (Python, R), Shell or Scripting Languages (Unix/Linux Shell and PowerShell)
  • Good problem-solving and analytical skills
  • Team player