Young Pinoy Inventor Creates Wireless Bulb Using Recyclable Materials

A Grade 12 student from Abra High School invented a device that can power the electric bulb using a wireless energy transfer. He used a Tesla Coil and a Laptop charger to run the power supply into a transformer to convert it from 24 volts.

Jhentrix Castillo, an Abra High School Grade 12 student, is making waves in the tech world with his latest innovation. He has successfully powered an electric bulb wirelessly by using a Tesla Coil and a laptop charger. This novel device has the potential to transform how electrical energy is delivered and used. It’s incredible to see what one young inventor can achieve. Jhentrix’s idea has the ability to improve our lives as well as the way we consume energy. We’re excited to see what other things he comes up with!

“When I was a child, I used to swipe my finger through a candle flame. Now, I can’t believe I can run my hands through this electrical current and be totally fine about it,” Jhentrix said.

Mabuhay ka Jhentrix!