Switching from DU to RES:

Will my distribution utility charge me higher if I switch to RES?

No, distribution and transmission charges are regulated rates.
Legal basis: Section 4 (p), (aaa) of R.A. 9136 or EPIRA Law

If I switch from DU to RES, will I experience more blackouts?

No, the switched customers will  be served by the same transmission and distribution company.
Legal basis: Sec. 14 (b), Art. II of ERC Resolution No. 31, 2006 & Sec. 6, Art. V of  ERC Resolution No. 09, 2018

Will I power fluctuation experience on the day that I switched?

No, supply of electricity will continue normally.

Will the RES install a new meter before the switch?
NO,  the transaction of RES and Contestable Customer is purely contractual. Metering requirements are handled by DU.
Legal basis: Sec. 2, Art. II of of ERC Resolution No. 09, 2018

How reliable is service of electricity once I switch to RES?

DUs are mandated to provide continuous and reliable electricity service even after migration to RES.
Legal basis: Sec. 1.5, Art. I of DSOAR

What is the arrangement between the RES and DU?
RES is the collecting agent and will transact with DU as to the wheeling* services on behalf of the Contestable Customer.
Legal basis: Sec. 4, Art. III of of ERC Resolution No. 09, 2018


Sources and Capacity:

What are your sources of electricity?

MECO sources electricity primarily from the WESM and our PPAs with GenCos. Soon we will have our own renewable power plants with our renewable energy subsidiaries.

How much Available Supply Capacity do you have?

Through backward integration, where we build up the demand before sourcing the supply,  MECO can confidently take on any supply requirements of our partners.

Do you have Contracted Capacity and Minimum Energy Requirement?

No, unlike other RES, MECO will service your needs without requiring a contracted capacity or minimal energy requirement from our partners.

Service Offerings and Charges:

What are your other charges like fuel cost recovery?

Unlike other RES, MECO does not charge for fuel cost recovery. We are transparent in all our charges and we abide by the agreed-upon charges indicated in our retail supply contract.

What are your value-added services?

MECO offers weekly regulatory and power news updates to make sure you stay abreast of the happenings in the power industry. We also give all our partners access to their energy consumption data and billings through a secure online portal.

What pricing schemes do you have available?

MECO offers the most customizable pricing in the market. Along with market and fixed pricing, we also offer index pricing, seasonal TOU, and hybrid pricing schemes.