Mabuhay Energy (MECO) strives to help businesses from all types of industries get the most savings on their energy costs. As their partner, MECO works closely with our customers to understand their energy needs and tailor-fit the right electricity pricing scheme for them. We share our drive to deliver cost-efficient energy solutions to the Filipino market with SolX Technologies Inc., an emerging energy solutions multiplier in the Philippines.

SolX Technologies Inc. offers a digital energy platform that helps businesses and households choose their supplier that could them help save on power bills. Their real-time energy monitoring system provides data and analytics that businesses and households can use to make informed decisions about their energy consumption.

Sergius Santos, CEO of SolX, said at the event, “I’m confident that with our country’s skill, resourcefulness, and motivation, we can achieve great success in the energy industry. We are just getting started, and we will continue to work hard to make energy more affordable and accessible for all Filipinos.”

In the photo from the left: Senior Vice President Bradley Cua (SolX); COO and Head of Sales, Marketing, and Regulatory Jacqueline Castillo (Mabuhay Energy); Asst. Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Regulatory Nikko Dimazana (Mabuhay Energy); Senior RES Sales Manager Vince Paredes (Mabuhay Energy); Chief Executive Officer Sergius Santos (SolX); Chief Operating Officer Matt Tan (SolX).